About us

Peach and Plum was created to help your child learn to express and build his or her own individuality with our high-quality, one-of-a-kind clothing.

Every child is special and needs encouragement from an early age to grow up into a confident adult. We believe that a good-natured soul and well-chosen wardrobe are all important attributes in this process. Think about how great it feels to have a fabulous outfit on. Or about how confidant people are when they are dressed well. Would your child feel the same way if he or she could develop a unique, signature style and stand out at the special gathering, everyday activities and even the playground?

At Peach and Plum, we aspire to make the world beautiful in every way. We hope that wearing Peach and Plum designer kids' clothing will bring your children – and you – as much pleasure as as it gives us to select and bring them to you.

Peach and Plum is committed to providing an easy, exciting, and safe shopping experience. Your satisfaction is our primary goal, so please email us with any questions or suggestions.

All the best,
Peach and Plum

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